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Real time server to client messaging. Reverse Ajax if you will.



  • Compatible with all server languages
  • Compatible with all major browsers and IE9+
  • Easy integration with any app
  • Developer friendly API

Instant messages delivery from your app to your users.

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Interactive server messages have never been easier


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How does this work?

By making asynchronous websocket protocol request we are able to achieve real time message communication between your server and the web client. This is primarily useful for situation where you need to keep the client informed. Even while making other lengthy processes. It's a new layer on top of normal data flow of your application or website.


Choose the plan that's right for your business

Developer Plan

$0per month

  • Unlimited websites/apps
  • 1000 daily API usage
  • Unlimited channels
  • Up to 1,000 users per channel
  • GDPR compliant
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Business Plan

$14per month

  • Confirmed delivery
  • CSV reports
  • VIP support
  • No constraints
  • 99.99% uptime guaranteed
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Frequently Asked Questions

Implementing new technology can be simpler than you think. Should you have more questions feel free to contact us or ask in our community supported forum.

  • Will it work for my app?

    Yes. offers an external layer on top of your app logic that is well suited to modern technologies. Integrating it into your app or website is easy as well!

  • You can set up an app and start transmitting messages from your server to your users within minutes. However, implementing the user interface is beyond the scope of our service at the moment.

  • Live updates, Progress indicators, Messages, Pop Up Notifications and even live chat are just a few ideas. Messages are not limited to just text but can also use JSON notation.

  • Messages are delivered across secured channel. Be ware that implementation of authentication logic is specific to your app. That's why you should only broadcast messages on a hard-to-guess channel names. Also keep your API secret secured so that you are the only one authorized to send messages.

  • This can be accomplished using normal ajax requests. If you need real time duplex communication between client and server then implementing websocket server is your best option.

  • Yes! We'd love to help. While setting up should be easy with our sample codes (available after you Log In or in github), we do offer assistance and maybe some ideas to help you implement yours.